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An Alcohol & Drug-Free Environment

The risks posed to children and youth by tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs are much greater because their brain development continues until their mid-20s. Will you sign a pledge to foster a Safe Homes environment and place it in a visible location of your home?

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Parents & community working together to create a safe, healthy, drug-free environment for all youth.

SAFE HOMES is a networking campaign that can provide support for parents and guardians in their efforts to have safe, healthy, drug-free homes and communities. Starting early is what makes prevention efforts work. The SAFE HOMES network is for all parents and guardians of children who are in pre-kindergarten to twelfth grades. It supports parents and guardians talking to each other and uniting in a clear “No Use” message to children by maintaining that there will be no use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs in their homes or on their property. By working together around this simple principle, parents provide the consistency necessary to reduce the pressures children feel to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to fit in with their peers.

The Goals of SAFE HOMES:

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